MTL Plaza

We recently learned from a reliable source that the new Montreal Plaza under the Jacques Cartier Bridge is officially done being built and ready to be skated!

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Why You Should Be Excited About The New Montreal Skate Plaza

With a budget of more than 2.7 million dollars, and Charles Deschamps and Dave Boots on the committee, you can be sure that the new Montreal Skate Plaza will be amazing. The plaza is also a great reminder that despite not having decent outdoor skateparks for years, we learned the hard way in the streets on Montreal’s granite ledge spots.

To highlight the street background of Montreal skateboarders, the new Montreal plaza will mostly consist of smooth granite ledges. The major difference being that you will never get kicked out of the plaza for skating its ledges!

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32nd International First Peoples Festival underway in Montreal

This year, the festival site features a skateboarding ramp where First Nations youth can come and learn how to skateboard.

It’s led by non-profit Nations Skate Youth, which travels across Canada connecting Indigenous youth with skateboarding.

The setup was inspired by Joe Buffalo, one of the non-profit’s co-founders. He is an Indigenous skateboarding legend and a survivor of Canada’s residential school system.

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Montreal Games

Resilience. Transcendence. Discipline. Socialization. Team spirit. Courage. Humility. Determination. So many words listed by stakeholders, parents and coaches when asked what skateboarding brings to young people.

“I believe that skateboarding has long been seen as something delinquent, explains Jessy Jean Bart. It was not part of the school systems like sport-studies. The fact that it was incorporated into the Olympics [en 2021], it really propelled the sport. »

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New Skatepark In Drummondville

This traditional skate plaza nestled along the Saint Francois River in Drummondville Quebec, integrates the best of an urban setting while respecting the natural surroundings. Paving stones add to the plaza aesthetic while a balance of transitions, rails, banks and ledges offer anything a rider might be looking for in their local skatepark. High contrast colour and metal work bring the space to life while the thoughtful landscaping and planters match those of the surrounding environment. To view more photos click here.

Skatepark opens in Inukjuak

Kids in Inukjuak were quick to make use of their new skatepark Saturday after it officially opened to the community. Joe Buffalo, a professional skateboarder from Samson Cree Nation in Alberta, attended and gave the young people a skate lesson. Caroline Gleason, a teacher in the hamlet of about 1,700 residents, led the charge to get the park built with the help of the northern village, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services, CRT Construction, the non-profit Make Life Skate Life, and several local businesses. (Photo courtesy of Sylvain Paradis). Taken from Nunatsiaq News.

Learning To Skateboard In My 30s Has Been A Revelation

“I know I’m not the only woman in my 30s to harbour skateboarding fantasies, and I definitely won’t be after this summer. Skateboarding is having a major moment, with all eyes on the sport – in no small part thanks to the super-cool teen skateboarders at the Tokyo Olympics, including Team GB’s own bronze medallist, 13-year-old Sky Brown, whose triumph at the Games feels like it belongs to all of us.

The female skateboarders, in particular, were a joy to watch: they were inspiring, energising, youthful and full of promise. They gave us exactly the kind of #positivevibes we were so desperately in need of this year. Despite all the soaring through the air and balancing on impossible surfaces, skateboarding is still a sport that manages to feel inclusive and accessible for those of all ages. Plus, the dress code is effortless, comfortable and currently on trend (see: everything baggy and tie-dyed).”

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World’s first multi-story skatepark

“The facility features a concrete bowl and separate pool, both of which have unique design features. The first floor features a large skatepark with a 700-square-meter area, and on the top floor, is a Flow Floor with a variety of obstacles designed for all climbing disciplines including speed walls and bouldering.” Click here to read the rest of the article. There are multiple multi-story skateparks around the world by the way.