32nd International First Peoples Festival underway in Montreal

This year, the festival site features a skateboarding ramp where First Nations youth can come and learn how to skateboard.

It’s led by non-profit Nations Skate Youth, which travels across Canada connecting Indigenous youth with skateboarding.

The setup was inspired by Joe Buffalo, one of the non-profit’s co-founders. He is an Indigenous skateboarding legend and a survivor of Canada’s residential school system.

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Annie Guglia Olympian

The first Olympics with skateboarding has come an gone. Covid-19 affected skateboarding’s entry into the Olympics with some athletes testing positive and thus some other athletes got to get into the games that hadn’t qualified. Injuries also changed which athletes participated. CBC made two episodes on Annie Guglia’s journey to the Tokyo Olympics. Thanks for representing skating Annie.

Opening Of The Van Horne Skatepark

Van Horne skatepark (Plateau-Mont-Royal) opening
15h30 – Skateboard lessons by JM Court
4.30 pm – Jam session
17h30 – Demo with special guest
7:30 pm – Bottleck Jay and High Hills concert
9:00 pm – Time to start enjoying the skatepark

Montreal Skaters Light Up The Olympic Stadium’s New Bowl

“Once the competition ends, the Vans Skatepark will be free for skaters of all levels — and that’s a good thing for Montreal, says local pro Annie Guglia who is busy training for Tokyo.”

“It’s crazy to think that this is in Montreal, right next to the Olympic Stadium,” she said. “This is the best terrain park we have in Canada.” Read the rest of the article here.

Rollout 2017 Recap

A fun day was spent rolling down the streets of Montreal with the full support of the city. Check out the video recap.

The 2017 Montreal Rollout

On Sunday, June 18, Montreal will participate in its third “Rollout” which will conclude at the Peace Park!

Meet up with your skateboards at 14h30 in the Parc des Royaux (corner Rue de Rouen and Avenue de Lorimier). Departure is slated for 15:00, in the direction Peace Park, with a short stop at the corner of Berri and Boulevard de Maisonneuve to allow any beginner skateboarders to join the Rollout.

Finally, at Peace Park the Rollout will host a contest (with $500 to win), BBQ, fundraising for the Montreal Skateboard Association, music and door prizes for skaters and longboarders of all ages. Join us!

This day is sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, MQC production partners, Société des arts technologiques [SAT] in collaboration with Ville-Marie borough.

Sunday 18 June – 14h30 to 19h
Open to all – Free participation