New Skatepark Project In Dorval

“The skatepark, covering approximately 1,400 square metres, will be built on the south side of Dawson Avenue, in front of the Dorval Aquatic and Sports Complex. The first phases of the project (consultations and preliminary design) were previously realized with Association Skateboard Montréal, an expert in the field of skatepark conception, in conjunction with some 15 local teens who are part of Dorval’s skateboarding community and the City’s Teen Zone program.”

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Raymond-Préfontaine: Redevelopment Of The Skatepark

The skatepark  

  • A new concrete surface of 1700 m², with prefabricated sprayed concrete modules, is designed to encourage the accumulation of rainwater during heavy precipitation, reinforcing the resilience of the park; 
  • Added lighting;  
  • New concrete skatepark design;   

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Expansion Of The Verdun Skatepark

“A new bowl was annexed to the skate park at Arthur-Therrien Park in Verdun in November 2023. The surface area has been increased and offers new challenges to skateboard, scooter, bike or in-line skate enthusiasts.”

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MTL Plaza

We recently learned from a reliable source that the new Montreal Plaza under the Jacques Cartier Bridge is officially done being built and ready to be skated!

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Why You Should Be Excited About The New Montreal Skate Plaza

With a budget of more than 2.7 million dollars, and Charles Deschamps and Dave Boots on the committee, you can be sure that the new Montreal Skate Plaza will be amazing. The plaza is also a great reminder that despite not having decent outdoor skateparks for years, we learned the hard way in the streets on Montreal’s granite ledge spots.

To highlight the street background of Montreal skateboarders, the new Montreal plaza will mostly consist of smooth granite ledges. The major difference being that you will never get kicked out of the plaza for skating its ledges!

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New Skatepark In Drummondville

This traditional skate plaza nestled along the Saint Francois River in Drummondville Quebec, integrates the best of an urban setting while respecting the natural surroundings. Paving stones add to the plaza aesthetic while a balance of transitions, rails, banks and ledges offer anything a rider might be looking for in their local skatepark. High contrast colour and metal work bring the space to life while the thoughtful landscaping and planters match those of the surrounding environment. To view more photos click here.

World’s first multi-story skatepark

“The facility features a concrete bowl and separate pool, both of which have unique design features. The first floor features a large skatepark with a 700-square-meter area, and on the top floor, is a Flow Floor with a variety of obstacles designed for all climbing disciplines including speed walls and bouldering.” Click here to read the rest of the article. There are multiple multi-story skateparks around the world by the way.