New Skatepark Project In Dorval

“The skatepark, covering approximately 1,400 square metres, will be built on the south side of Dawson Avenue, in front of the Dorval Aquatic and Sports Complex. The first phases of the project (consultations and preliminary design) were previously realized with Association Skateboard Montréal, an expert in the field of skatepark conception, in conjunction with some 15 local teens who are part of Dorval’s skateboarding community and the City’s Teen Zone program.”

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Raymond-Préfontaine: Redevelopment Of The Skatepark

The skatepark  

  • A new concrete surface of 1700 m², with prefabricated sprayed concrete modules, is designed to encourage the accumulation of rainwater during heavy precipitation, reinforcing the resilience of the park; 
  • Added lighting;  
  • New concrete skatepark design;   

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